As part of the long - term strategy, and supply of services AMBIENTA   develops, environmental education is key. AMBIENTA commitment to bring knowledge and environmental awareness to the challenges and environmental challenges of the present and future, to different social groups.

It is necessary to explain, to understand the environment around us. AMBIENTAfocused environmental education programs in the following:

The Biodiversity,

the conservation of the environment,

natural resources,

sustainable development,

the importance of forests,


climate and adaptation to climate change,

recycling and reuse,



human well-being linked to the defense of nature, etc.

 Environmental education programs and nature conservation for school in the natural environment.

AMBIENTA has extensive experience and top - level professionals in the field of environmental education. Develops services for the population, both children, as young and adults:

* Programs of  environmental education  aimed at school children. These programs include games to improve learning ability. It is intended that children enjoy themselves while they absorb the concepts of respect for nature.

* Campaigns aimed at the population of  awareness  against  climate change .

* Participation in conferences and seminars of communication and awareness for  conservation and environmental improvement .

* Collaboration with non - governmental organizations,  conservation activities , protection and defense of nature.


Ambienta develops awareness programs on climate change for school.


Ambienta develop  environmental education programs for people of all ages.

Development of environmental education programs for recycling to school.

Development of training programs for knowledge of nature to school.